Summer Tour announcements

...and I'm back! How we all doing?

Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy blogging, writing new tunes, recording a new single, moving back to Yorkshire - and preparing myself to relocate to Manchester in September! PHEW!

BUT the good news is I'm going on tour! And I have a new band (this time with drum kit, keys and bass). Check the dates out below and sync your diaries... 

15th July: Knight's Bar, Hornsea
22nd July: Hornsea Carnival
26th July: SoFar Sounds, Bradford
5th August: Humber Street Sesh, Hull
16th August: SoFar Sounds, Leeds
17th August: SoFar Sounds, Cheltenham
19th August: House Gig, Alton
22nd August: SoFar, Southampton

...see you there! Keep checking onto the website for further details - and don't forget to follow me on Spotify! 250 followers can't be wrong...

Rich x