Adventures in Culture part 10: Dan Croll

I had a music teacher. She was called Mrs C. Sharpe. No word of a lie. 

As well as having a comedy name, she had a great saying when conducting the orchestra: “If you’re going to make an accidental mistake, make it big. Be proud of it - and then keep going!” 

And do you know what? She’s right! I witnessed two mistakes on my night out last Tuesday. Both were revelled in - and only made the night better. 

First off, the waiter at a Brick Lane curry house spilt an entire mushroom rice portion over my friend. Instead of being shocked, we just laughed it off. The guy was so relieved, we got a free drink (win!). And later when Dan Croll's drummer made a massive clanger during their set opener at Heaven, it only made the crowd warm to him more. The song stopped, the drummer got up, took a bow - and then smashed back into the intro. Marvellous! 

Take a bow! Dan Croll and band learning from their mistakes...

Take a bow! Dan Croll and band learning from their mistakes...

Dan Croll was a great dessert for our curry main. Originally hailed as the new Paul Simon - working with Ladysmith Black Mambazo only stoked these claims - of late Croll’s sound has gone down a more modern path. His live sound is complete with fizzing synths and delayed guitars. Beats are dished out like a new chart bothering banger and everything is drenched in tight three part harmonies from his lean, mean band.

Sadly I felt that his between song chat was a little flat on the night, but it’s not a deal breaker - we were there to listen to his music after all, not his famed standup routine. On a more annoying note though, for the second time in the last few months, my gig watching experience was hindered by a group of people having a loud pub chat during the gig (we were right at the front too!). Guys, I don’t want to know that you work in Tech and Comms, or you’re friends with a sibling of the band - or what your surname is (Yes! That was a genuine conversation they had!). If you want to talk loudly about your day at a gig, head to the bar - or the pub next door. It will make you far more popular. 

Rant over.

Just out of shot, a cacophony of pub chat...

Just out of shot, a cacophony of pub chat...

Luckily Croll and his tunes managed to eventually catch the attention of the chatterboxes next to me and by the encore of early hit ‘Home’, everyone was singing along euphorically. His new album’s out this summer. Make no mistake - catch it while you can! Or if you do make a mistake and don’t listen to it, be proud… and then watch him at a live gig soon.

Where to next?

Who knows? If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it tight.


The pics on this blog were taken by Tim Drage - cheers Tim!