Gig Review Part 4: Band of Horses

As Storm Doris beat out her final blasts, I headed to East London to rock to a more musical rhythm.

Band of Horses, The Troxy, London
23rd February 2017

“I’ve just cut my hand badly and stood in what looked like human shit outside. Don’t worry. I’m still here – and it can only get better!” As opening gambits go, Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell’s was an absolute humdinger at the Troxy Theatre.

And I’m pleased his backstage antics didn’t stop the proceedings. With a towel to mop up his wounds and (hopefully) a fresh pair of shoes, Bridwell and the band ripped into a 90 minute set of guitar-led delight.  

I must admit, I only knew a handful of songs from their 6 studio albums beforehand, but their blend of Americana and old-school guitar rock had me hooked from the off. Crowd pleasers The Funeral and No One’s Gonna Love You had myself and the heavily check shirted audience punching the air in delight.

It wasn’t all saturated valve amps and ear splitting volumes though. A mid-set strip back to acoustic guitars and mandolin demonstrated the band’s skills at tight vocal harmonies. Shame that some punters at the back were more content to talk through it - but it didn’t completely spoil heartfelt renditions of St. Augustine and Evening Kitchen.

This was the band’s final UK show before they embark on a European tour. You can catch their recent album, Why Are You Ok, on Spotify. They’ll also be back in the summer to Headline End of The Road Festival - hopefully with less blood and human excrement. I’m seriously considering getting a ticket.

Where to next?

Who knows? If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it real, party people.


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