Gig Reviews Part 2: Park Hotel & Stats

It’s been a week of weather extremes on my gig watching travels: I braved the cold and rain to get to Islington to see Park Hotel – and then basked in the warmth of my own flat for another. How? Read on…

Park Hotel & Stats, The Lexington, Islington
Park Hotel take disco-licks and pulsing sine-waves and craft them into tight pop songs. Alongside fellow Londoners Stats, both bands showed flavours of Talking Heads and the B52’s, but with their own distinctive stamps. The packed venue took to it like Bowie took to red shoes and dancing the blues.  

Georgia Blackwell, The Bedford, Balham
The Bedford is a staple of the gig circuit. For this, I tested their free live streaming service, watching Georgia Blackwell from the comfort of my own kitchen. The band were groove filled, like a cool breeze on a warm day. All in all, an enjoyable night in.

Where to next?

I'm going big! I've got a ticket to Band of Horses at the 02, which I'm sure will be epic... and then who knows?

As always, if you have any gig recommendations, hit me up: @stephensonrich

Until next time, have a good 'un.


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