Saturday 25th June. 4pm. Strummerville. Glastonbury.

...that's my slot time at Glastonbury. Who can make it?! Bring a friend. Bring some beers. Bring something a bit stronger. Just be there! I can't wait. 

Thanks for all your suggestions as to what I should take. I've packed: wellies, tent, wet wipes, emergency biscuits - and my winning smile. 

Sadly, there's no room for my family (Matt Borrett), limes (Michael Paddy Howe) or my bikini and dungarees (Jennie Lambert)

Here's Tony, whose winning suggestion of 'mankini, cider and acid' is currently being ordered on Amazon/the dark net. He won a mug. Lucky lad!

So. See you there? Bloody hope so! If not, I'm at Beverley Folk Festival on 19th June and in London on the 30th June playing Discovery Talent showcase at 229 Club

Until then, keep it real - and don't do anything I wouldn't do. #IAMRICH