Adventures in Culture part 13: Guitar repair workshop

I fixed this! 

I’m going to shock you: I REALLY like guitars.

Okay. That’s not much of a revelation, but I do like to don my lab coat, fire up the soldering iron and become a guitar repair guy. 

So, when my local charity shop had this little fella in need of a new home and a bit of TLC, I thought I’d get it back on the road to recovery - AND tell you the most important bits of guitar maintenance….

The new patient

The new patient

The naming process
The first (and most important part!) is giving your new instrument a name. I was a little against the idea at first, but being a Brit, it enables me to do what we do best: puns! In my collection I now have ‘Nelson’ Mandola, ‘King Edward’ the 1930s Regal brand guitar - and now this little gem.

The brand is a Jedson, a 1960s Japanese budget guitar, plugged in and cranked up to 11 by many a garage band across the decades. I thought of ‘Eric’, after the Japanese word for electric guitar ('Erekigitā'), but stuck with 'George', after the lead character from one of my favourite kids cartoons: the Jetsons.

George Jedson. George Jetson.

George Jedson. George Jetson.

A glamorous assistant
Every adventurer needs a sidekick. For this expedition, I had Old Man Jack, champion snuffler and snoozer. As you can see, he’s very helpful…

"It's a guitar alright, boss." Thanks Jack.

"It's a guitar alright, boss." Thanks Jack.

Getting Under the bonnet
Guitar geeks are like car enthusiasts: we love to take a step back from the machine, fold our arms, take a deep breath and say ‘Let’s open her up’. 

And when it became apparent that Mr Jedson wasn’t making a noise when I plugged it into an amp, it gave me the perfect excuse (not that I needed one) to get right up inside him. 

I’m really glad I did too! I discovered the electronic components were still in pristine condition, so a blast of WD40 got Georgie boy back into the land of the living.  

"Let's open her up" - getting inside George. 

"Let's open her up" - getting inside George. 

But, the best thing I found was a hand marked Japanese symbol, fresh from the factory floor over 50 years ago. What does it mean? Is it just a hash tag? A great find! 

It's a sign! But what does it mean?

It's a sign! But what does it mean?

New strings and a polish
Once the guitar is up and running again, it’s always best to buff it up and make it shine once more. Mr Jedson had many years of finger grime on the fretboard, so a wipe down and polish with some Dunlop Guitar Polish and a new set of Ernie Ball strings sorted him right out. Look at him shine...

George polished up a treat! 

George polished up a treat! 

And there you have it! A new addition to my collection. Look out for appearances from George Jedson (and myself!) at a gig soon. 

In the meantime, keep it under the bonnet.

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Summer Tour announcements

...and I'm back! How we all doing?

Sorry it's been a while. I've been busy blogging, writing new tunes, recording a new single, moving back to Yorkshire - and preparing myself to relocate to Manchester in September! PHEW!

BUT the good news is I'm going on tour! And I have a new band (this time with drum kit, keys and bass). Check the dates out below and sync your diaries... 

15th July: Knight's Bar, Hornsea
22nd July: Hornsea Carnival
26th July: SoFar Sounds, Bradford
5th August: Humber Street Sesh, Hull
16th August: SoFar Sounds, Leeds
17th August: SoFar Sounds, Cheltenham
19th August: House Gig, Alton
22nd August: SoFar, Southampton

...see you there! Keep checking onto the website for further details - and don't forget to follow me on Spotify! 250 followers can't be wrong...

Rich x

Adventures in Culture part 12: Flaming Lips

Flaming Lips, Zebedee's Yard, Hull.

Things I thought I’d never see in Hull…

A man with rainbow wings riding a unicorn through a crowd of 3,000 people.

…well. Last Saturday at Zebedee’s yard I did. And the best bit? I wasn’t surprised when it did happen. 

Yes. I saw the Flaming Lips live – and those sort of antics are just par for the course. The Oklahoma collective, fronted by the enigmatic Wayne Coyne, have been wowing audiences with their day-glo acid trip dynamics for over 30 years. 

And their debut in Hull didn’t disappoint: from the off, glitter cannons were fired into the crowd, people in giant inflatable animal costumes danced on the stage, Wayne ran out with a giant balloon message saying ‘FUCK YEAH HULL’ and for the third song, aptly named ‘There should be Unicorns’, he was paraded around the audience on a winged mythical beast.

Wayne Coyne. On a unicorn. In Hull. BELIEVE IT! (pic by Tim Drage)

Wayne Coyne. On a unicorn. In Hull. BELIEVE IT! (pic by Tim Drage)

As they’d played Glastonbury the night before, their set was a full on ‘festival crowd pleaser’ experience, pulling out all their big hitter tunes to a loud psychedelic backdrop. The Yeah, Yeah, Yeah song, Race for the Prize and Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots (part 1) all went past in a blur of colour, bangs and excitement.

The set was made even more magical by the inclusion of Bowie’s Space Oddity (a wonderful coincidence - from what I could tell, Coyne wasn't aware of Hull’s links to Bowie through the Spiders from Mars and Mick Ronson). Of course, they couldn’t just play the song. Wayne had to get in a giant inflatable zorb ball and run on top of the crowd whilst channeling his inner Bowie.

"For here I am sitting in a tin can" - channeling Bowie in a giant ball on top of the crowd.

"For here I am sitting in a tin can" - channeling Bowie in a giant ball on top of the crowd.

As the glitter settled and the final chords of the beautifully anthemic Do You Realize died away, I was left wondering if this kind of bizarre musical spectacle would grace my hometown again. From the look of delight on every face leaving the arena, we bloody hope it will! Come back soon, Wayne! And bring more of your mad musical friends with you.

Where to next?

I've got a free couple of month in Yorkshire! Tweet me your suggestions @stephenrich or comment below. I should be free...

Until next time, keep it freaky.


Adventures in Culture part 11: England v Bangladesh

England v Bangladesh, ODI, The Oval

Sports chants. I love them. 

Puerile. Catchy as hell.  

My personal favourites are when I go to see Hull City…


“01482. 01482. 0148. 0148. 01482 - HULL!”
(Yes, that's the Hull area dialling code - and don't you forget it). 

“Give me a C. I. T. Y. And what have you got? THE TIGERS!”
(Spelling was never our strong point)


...and after I went to see England play Bangladesh at The Oval I have a new one for my collection…




…and for a day watching cricket, I can confirm that both liquids are essential for a sunshine-drenched 8 hours of chess-like attrition and sporting competition. 

Just out of shot, Yorkshire Water and Tetley Bitter.

Just out of shot, Yorkshire Water and Tetley Bitter.

I know the rules of cricket can be mind boggling - and explaining them can be on a par with explaining the offside rule in football - but if you haven't been before, I implore you to try a match at least once. Just accept that the team with the highest run score wins* and soak up the atmosphere.

And my trip to The Oval didn't disappoint last week. The sun was shining, I had a bag full of food and a cheeky wine spritzer in my bag - and I was ready to drift away.

In terms of competition, it wasn't the most exciting match - a routine England win with time to spare, barring one or two minor scares (and a contentious 'catch' rightly deemed 'not out' by the video umpire). 

But, the atmosphere supplied by the fans made it for me; Both were in different time zones: the sizeable Bangladeshi support were raucous from the off, whilst the home fans got into their stride once the win looked all but sown up (and the hours of drinking beer kicked in) - queue the slurred chants about the delights of drinks in Yorkshire from the lads from Leeds in front of us. 

As world class England batter Joe Root smashed the final 4 over the boundary to seal the win, I left south London satisfied - and working out when I could go again! 

*unless it's a draw, but that's another story.

Where to next?

I'm only in London for another month (after a decade!) - so I'm up for anything (but, not THAT, you muck minded people). Tweet me your suggestions @stephenrich or comment below.

Until next time, keep it legside and short of mid-wicket.


Adventures in Culture part 10: Dan Croll

I had a music teacher. She was called Mrs C. Sharpe. No word of a lie. 

As well as having a comedy name, she had a great saying when conducting the orchestra: “If you’re going to make an accidental mistake, make it big. Be proud of it - and then keep going!” 

And do you know what? She’s right! I witnessed two mistakes on my night out last Tuesday. Both were revelled in - and only made the night better. 

First off, the waiter at a Brick Lane curry house spilt an entire mushroom rice portion over my friend. Instead of being shocked, we just laughed it off. The guy was so relieved, we got a free drink (win!). And later when Dan Croll's drummer made a massive clanger during their set opener at Heaven, it only made the crowd warm to him more. The song stopped, the drummer got up, took a bow - and then smashed back into the intro. Marvellous! 

Take a bow! Dan Croll and band learning from their mistakes...

Take a bow! Dan Croll and band learning from their mistakes...

Dan Croll was a great dessert for our curry main. Originally hailed as the new Paul Simon - working with Ladysmith Black Mambazo only stoked these claims - of late Croll’s sound has gone down a more modern path. His live sound is complete with fizzing synths and delayed guitars. Beats are dished out like a new chart bothering banger and everything is drenched in tight three part harmonies from his lean, mean band.

Sadly his between song chat is a little flat, but it’s not a deal breaker - we were there to listen to his music after all, not his famed standup routine. On a more annoying note though, for the second time in the last few months, my gig watching experience was hindered by a group of people having a loud pub chat during the gig (we were right at the front too!). Guys, I don’t want to know that you work in Tech and Comms, or you’re friends with a sibling of the band - or what your surname is (Yes! That was a genuine conversation they had!). If you want to talk loudly about your day at a gig, head to the bar - or the pub next door. It will make you far more popular. 

Rant over.

Just out of shot, a cacophony of pub chat...

Just out of shot, a cacophony of pub chat...

Luckily Croll and his tunes managed to eventually catch the attention of the chatterboxes next to me and by the encore of early hit ‘Home’, everyone was singing along euphorically. His new album’s out this summer. Make no mistake - catch it while you can! Or if you do make a mistake and don’t listen to it, be proud… and then watch him at a live gig soon.

Where to next?

Who knows? If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it tight.


The pics on this blog were taken by Tim Drage - cheers Tim! 

Adventures in Culture part 9: Lucha Britannia

Things I thought I’d never see happen: An Ewok dancing a sexy burlesque dance. The Virgin Mary singing ‘I’m a masturbator’ to the tune of Britney Spears’ ‘Womaniser’. Waking up with a crude drawing of a penis on my hand. 

Well. Last night all of the above happened. And the best bit? It all took place at a Mexican wrestling match in Bethnal Green, East London. Confused? I still am.

Lucha Britannia is a wonderfully bizarre cabaret/immersive entertainment/Mexican wrestling showcase. Now in its eleventh year, they’ve slapped, drop-kicked and clothes-lined their way to sell out shows across London - and even showcased their talents at the Brit Awards.

And this is where I found myself on a slightly chilly April evening.

It's a sign! ...and a better sign! 

It's a sign! ...and a better sign! 

The show is immersive to the max: the audience are riled up into a frenzy by the MCs and their assistants from the get go. No part of the auditorium is safe - our ringside view was soon interrupted by wrestlers as they flew out of the ring and into the audience (I love a bit of salty sweat in my beer, me!). My group of friends also took their role very seriously: our attempts at homemade funny signs (‘I made a sign’ and ‘I made a better sign’) even got laughs from the wrestlers.

The fighters were hilarious too. All were in classic masks with ridiculous back stories, my favourite being Steakley Bakewell, a flat cap wearing Yorkshire fighter who had the crowd chanting ‘How do? How do? How do? How do?’

'How do?' The Transpennine master, Steakley Bakewell.

'How do?' The Transpennine master, Steakley Bakewell.

And in case you're wondering where the sexy ewok and pro-onanising virgin fit in amid the madness, they were snuggly placed in between fights - and were essential to keeping the night suitably weird. They weren’t the only two acts: a matador also had a member of the audience in the ring to play a bull with dildoes for horns for good measure. So, you know. All bases were covered! 

A grinding Ewok.

A grinding Ewok.

It was sweaty. It was outrageously camp. It was loud. It was ruddy brilliant. It’s well worth going to. Get your tickets via the Lucha website now

…it’s also the night that keeps on giving: the drawing of a cock on my hand was for re-entry to the venue. The marker they used must’ve been permanent, as it’s still there 24 hours later. I think I may add eyes to it to make it look like a mouse. Any better ideas?

Cocks for hands...

Cocks for hands...

Where to next?

Who knows? If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it tight.



Adventures in Culture part 8: Athletico Mince

Picture the scene: the finale of a packed show at a theatre in central London. The crowd are waving their arms to a song. The singer croons about experiencing the delights of Africa - it’s such a lovely continent to visit! There are whoops and hollers from the crowd, hanging on the act's every word. The song lyrically describes the discovery of a box on the floor somewhere in Africa. The crowd are rapt. But what is in this imaginary package?

A human head.

The audience stop swaying. The night ends. Lights go up.

Welcome to Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson's weird and wonderful world of Athletico Mince. It's a podcast about football (in the loosest sense of the word) and it's what I found myself watching (and swaying along to) live at the Leicester Square theatre this week.

Swaying along to the Bob's big finale.

Swaying along to the Bob's big finale.

Being a creation of Mortimer, the show is surreal as you like. It takes in tall tales of vomiting snakes, bad mangoes, Sly Stallone's love of touching potatoes, Jeremy Corbyn's massage techniques, imaginary turkeys and Steve McLaren's hair island. It's popular too - tonight is part of a UK tour, most of which is sold out.

The show was loose. It was off the cuff. It was ramshackle. Bob read from prompts on a macbook and notes from his phone. Their time keeping was appalling, resorting to saying punchlines without the main set-ups to keep the show to curfew. Bob constantly started pissing himself at his own jokes. Andy drank a can of stella throughout the proceedings - even sipping from a pot of cold Dolmio white sauce when the going got tough.

In short, It was bloody brilliant.

If you haven't already listened to Athletico Mince, do so. Right now! It's on iTunes - and all other sound based sites. They're also on tour until the 17th April. I thoroughly recommend it.


Where to next?

It's happening! I'm going to a Mexican Wrestling night somewhere in Bethnal Green in a couple of weeks. Can't ruddy wait! If you know of a a show or activity that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it dense.



Gig Review part 6: Francis and The Lights

Francis and The Lights, Heaven, London

What was it Belinda Carlisle once sang? Heaven is a place on earth?

I'm not 100% on that, but I can confirm that Heaven is a music venue underneath Charing Cross Station. It's a classic ‘under the arches’ London gig space complete with bassy sound system and hypnotic lighting - a perfect place for Francis Farewell Starlite to perform his first UK headline show.

The Californian pop polymath has been simmering under the musical surface for well over a decade now: he’s collaborated with Drake,  scored music for films, toured with MGMT and La Roux and released two albums. But, it was his summer smash hit Friends (featuring Bon Iver and Kanye) that properly brought him to Europe’s attention. 

And bloody heck, am I glad he’s stepped into the limelight! What a performer! He’s part Elvis hips, part Peter Gabriel vocals with a smidgen of David Byrne dramatics thrown in. He Danced like a loon, clambered up stage scaffolding and incited mass sing-alongs throughout. “I just want to make sure this shit is real for me and YOU!” he bellowed mid-set - and we were in no doubt!

There is amazing online footage of Francis' live work with a band, but sadly this gig was just himself on vocals/keyboards with a DJ for backing. His onstage histrionics mostly made up for this, but the airing of two new songs did incite a minor exodus to the bar mid-set. A solo offering of early tune A Modern Promise on Rhodes piano turned it around though - and it was a one way ticket to euphoria as he raised the roof for a final rendition of Friends.  

Francis and The Lights album Farewell, Starlight is out now - and he'll be touring Europe later this year. GO! 

Where to next?

Who knows? There's talk of a Mexican Wrestling night somewhere in Bethnal Green... If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it together.


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Gig Reviews part 5: Hull2017 & Alluri

London. Hull. Dalston. India - in one night.

Hull 2017 Events Announcement, Southbank Centre, London

Like all good nights, Tuesday started with a text message: a friend was at a 'Hull City of Culture' promotional event in London and there was room for a little ‘un…

So, before you could say ‘East Yorkshire’s finest city’, I was in the St. Paul’s Suite of the Southbank Centre with a glass of wine in one hand and a 2017 event guide in the other. Perfect!

And what a line-up! John Grant will be curating Atlantic Flux, a music festival focussing on Hull’s cultural links with Scandinavia, The Royal Ballet are presenting a show at The New Theatre, The Radio 1 Big Weekend is heading into town… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.  If you haven’t already, check out the Hull2017 website. You won’t be disappointed.

Alluri, Servant Jazz Quarters, London

My night didn’t stop there. Next on the musical menu was Indian singer/songwriter Alluri in Dalston.

Born in Hyderabad, Redd Alluri grew up studying classical music. This all changed when a cousin brought back a heap of vinyl from their travels to the UK. Fast forward a few years and Alluri finds himself living in London, dressed in black and fronting a four-piece band.

His style has a dark edge (the rhythm section also play with fellow noir rockers, Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind). This is put in light relief with hook laden songs and Alluri’s dry sense of humour: “It’s been intense so, far!” he quips mid-set, “Now It gets more intense!”. With a single produced by Grammy winner Tommaso Colliva and a tour of Indian festivals under his belt, Alluri is one to watch.

So, a night in which I circumnavigated Hull, London and India – and I’d only planned to stay at home watching Narcos on Netflix.  Sometimes, a text message can make all the difference.

Where to next?

Who knows? There's talk of a Mexican Wrestling night somewhere in Bethnal Green... If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it tight.


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Gig Review Part 4: Band of Horses

As Storm Doris beat out her final blasts, I headed to East London to rock to a more musical rhythm.

Band of Horses, The Troxy, London
23rd February 2017

“I’ve just cut my hand badly and stood in what looked like human shit outside. Don’t worry. I’m still here – and it can only get better!” As opening gambits go, Band of Horses’ Ben Bridwell’s was an absolute humdinger at the Troxy Theatre.

And I’m pleased his backstage antics didn’t stop the proceedings. With a towel to mop up his wounds and (hopefully) a fresh pair of shoes, Bridwell and the band ripped into a 90 minute set of guitar-led delight.  

I must admit, I only knew a handful of songs from their 6 studio albums beforehand, but their blend of Americana and old-school guitar rock had me hooked from the off. Crowd pleasers The Funeral and No One’s Gonna Love You had myself and the heavily check shirted audience punching the air in delight.

It wasn’t all saturated valve amps and ear splitting volumes though. A mid-set strip back to acoustic guitars and mandolin demonstrated the band’s skills at tight vocal harmonies. Shame that some punters at the back were more content to talk through it - but it didn’t completely spoil heartfelt renditions of St. Augustine and Evening Kitchen.

This was the band’s final UK show before they embark on a European tour. You can catch their recent album, Why Are You Ok, on Spotify. They’ll also be back in the summer to Headline End of The Road Festival - hopefully with less blood and human excrement. I’m seriously considering getting a ticket.

Where to next?

Who knows? If you have a show that I MUST go to, let me know: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it real, party people.


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Gig Reviews Part 3: Renegade Art

Another week in the big smoke negotiating the cultural jungle. This week I took a detour and went to an art show! 

Renegade Art, Pancake and Booze Art Show, Limehouse

Dessert. Beer. Culture – a match winning combination! All were present at the Pancakes and Booze Art Fair in East London last Friday.

I went to see exhibits by Hull born artist Rene Levesley (aka Renegade Art). He stylishly blends Pop Art with modern day iconography. Nothing is safe from getting the Renegade treatment: from Londoners, to chip spice and Hulk Hogan, his work shows a keen eye for making the mundane exciting. He's a popular lad too - most of the Renegade pieces sold out on the night! 

Renegade Art: Hipsters go P

The Pancake and Booze Art Show is a bit of a phenomenon too. Now in its eighth year, they exhibit in over thirty cities around the world, showcasing the best in local art, music and food. It's very popular: queues snaked labyrinth-like around the venue throughout the evening. I even had to act as Rene's sales rep whilst he went on a lengthy quest to get his fill of pancakes and beer (my total sales: nil). 


If you're looking for an art exhibition with a difference, check out the Pancake and Booze Art Show website to find out more. 

You can find Renegade on Twitter @renegade_art and buy his art via his website. I've got my eye on his Warhol-style Humber Bridges!

Where to next?

I'm heading to see Band of Horses at the O2 on Thursday, which I'm sure will be BIG! If you have any suggestions of a cultural event I MUST go to, then get in touch: @stephensonrich.

Until next time, keep it real. #IAMRICH

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Gig Reviews Part 2: Park Hotel & Stats

It’s been a week of weather extremes on my gig watching travels: I braved the cold and rain to get to Islington to see Park Hotel – and then basked in the warmth of my own flat for another. How? Read on…

Park Hotel & Stats, The Lexington, Islington
Park Hotel take disco-licks and pulsing sine-waves and craft them into tight pop songs. Alongside fellow Londoners Stats, both bands showed flavours of Talking Heads and the B52’s, but with their own distinctive stamps. The packed venue took to it like Bowie took to red shoes and dancing the blues.  

Georgia Blackwell, The Bedford, Balham
The Bedford is a staple of the gig circuit. For this, I tested their free live streaming service, watching Georgia Blackwell from the comfort of my own kitchen. The band were groove filled, like a cool breeze on a warm day. All in all, an enjoyable night in.

Where to next?

I'm going big! I've got a ticket to Band of Horses at the 02, which I'm sure will be epic... and then who knows?

As always, if you have any gig recommendations, hit me up: @stephensonrich

Until next time, have a good 'un.


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Gigs reviews Part 1: Jim Jones...

I love live music. 

Whilst I’m having a break so I can write new tunes (15 and counting!), I’ve set myself a challenge: to watch as many shows as I can… and tell you about it in 50 words or less. 

This month I’ve been from London to Leeds and back… 

Jim Jones and The Righteous Mind, The Rock Steady, Dalston.

From the ashes of The Jim Jones Revue (think Little Richard gone punk), Jim’s back with a new line up and a darker sound. The live set came complete with Tom Waits histrionics and primal yells. The venue was a tiny London sweat pit, packed to the rafters. Bliss.

Maeve Campbell and Young Kato, SoFar Sounds, Leeds

I cheated a bit for this gig review (I also performed too!) BUT it is well worth describing. Young Kato had mellow vibes and a charismatic singer. Maeve Campbell showcased heavenly three part harmonies and great stories. If you haven’t been to a SoFar secret before gig, go. Now! 

Where next?

My good friends Park Hotel are launching their single in London next week - and from there, who knows!

If you have any recommendations of any shows I must go to, comment below or tweet me: @stephensonrich.

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Leeds! Leeds! Leeds!


Thank you to everyone for making my debut at Sofar Leeds one to remember.

A sell-out show.  Great audience. Top bands. Good times. 

A massive thanks to Sally and the team for putting on an ace event - and the lovely Maeve Campbell and Young Kato for some top drawer performances.

Let's do it again soon? Ruddy hope so! 

Have a cracking weekend. Don't do anything I wouldn't...


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The Story SoFar...

People of Leeds: This Tuesday, I'm coming for ya!

I'm at SoFar Sounds: Songs From a Room... A secret gig. An intimate venue. A central location. AND it's pay what you feel!

Book your place here.

I hope there's enough room for my bendy legs...


Leeds. Leeds. Leeds.

Leeds. Leeds. Leeds.

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My new year's resolution


Hands up who has a new year's resolution? What is it?

Mine's simple: start as I finished 2016 - writing, recording and gigging. I'm busy laying down demo's of new tunes - and hoping to get in the studio VERY soon. I've also got two great gigs coming up...

Sofar Sounds, Leeds on 31st Jan

Independent Music Day, London on 25th Feb

It would be ace to see you! I hope 2017 brings you everything you hope for. 


...I've got a set of new songs ready and waiting!

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On the road...

Music takes me places: Budapest, Amsterdam, New York...

Even back home in the UK, I get to explore the country.

This Wednesday I'm performing at The Magnet in Liverpool.

Last week I was invited to Harrow in North London to film this live video for WURD SESSIONS. It looks ace! James and the team did a great job... and I loved singing 'Alibi' for them! 

Where next? Well... Up north for a homecoming gig on 3rd December and then Leeds on the 31st January. My overnight bag is seeing a lot of action! 


Bonjour France

Vu que ma chanson Better Things To Do est actuellement n°7 dans les charts français LRDR... 

Je veux dire «bonjour»  (ou «aye up» comme on dit dans le Yorkshire) à mes nouveaux auditeurs en France (surtout Sylvie Rapiteau, qui est un vrai champion de ma musique!)*

Comment allez-vous tous? Disons que je fais une tournée en France? Quelles villes devrais-je visiter?

Ne soyez pas timide – dites-moi d’où en France vous écoutez ma musique. Se faire de nouveaux amis, c’est toujours génial!

Rich x

* Et bonjour aussi à mon nouvel ami, Google Translate, qui m’a aidé à écrire ceci ;)